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Cultural Work and Higher Education

I have written a chapter for a book entitled Cultural Work and Higher Education, edited by Dan Ashton and Caitriona Noonan. My chapter focuses on enterprise education and is based on research I did with post-graduate media students. Their experience of doing an enterprise module but not an evaluation of the module. This is the abstract for the chapter:

Media Enterprise in Higher Education: A Laboratory for Learning

Enterprise has become increasingly important in media and creative industries education. In this chapter, I explore some of the tensions between critical debates and teaching enterprise practice. Empirical evidence is provided from interviews with post-graduate media students revealing a dynamic and exploratory approach to entrepreneurship. While there are challenges, engaging with the practical aspects of entrepreneurship enables students to re-shape the idea of the entrepreneur to suit their own practice and circumstances. Reflection encourages students to develop their own media entrepreneur identity.

The book is published by Palgrave and should be available in Autumn 2013.

Reviewing research methodologies

Having recently presented at the MECCSA 2011 conference, at The Lowry, Salford, I have been able to reflect on the methodology I am testing out for my research.

My presentation was entitled: An exploration of contextualised enterprise curriculum for media and creative industry students. And this is the abstract:

  • Given that entrepreneurship and self-employment are increasingly important in vocational media courses, this presentation explores and reflects on the nature of a highly contextualised enterprise curriculum. There is a proliferation of generic learning tools to teach entrepreneurship and business start up which often does not meet the specific needs of media and creative students or reflect current industry standards. Entrepreneurship education in context can allow for an opportunity to contest the dominating discourse of enterprise and explore the nature of entrepreneurship specifically as it relates to the cultural, creative and media workers. Drawing from research conducted with post graduate media and creative students, this paper engages with these issues by exploring the student’s experience of entrepreneurship through a narrative approach.

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