I am writing a case study based on aspects of my experience teaching an enterprise module to post graduate students. It will be part of a collaborative paper with Dr Lisa Harris of Southampton University. The focus in this paper is the challenge for universities in preparing students for the changing nature of skills required in the workplace. My case study explores a few methods I have used in class to emulate aspects of the creative and media industries ‘life world’ such as a guest speaker event, during which we made use of various social media tools. In analysing the activities in more depth, I have identified some issues for international students who have found aspects of the module difficult.

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‘cool, creative and egalitarian’ (Gill)

Oakley covers many of the issues of working in the cultural sector reporting mainly on the work of other academics. I thought it might be useful to capture this in a list which compares ‘work for life’ with the ‘socialised worker’. This is particularly important for the cultural worker / entrepreneur but also for the rest of the workforce, as it is suggested that this model could be a template for new modes of working. In fact, what I have done is less of a comparison but more of means of thinking about the difficulties of the freelance / portfolio career – the pros and cons. Continue reading

A review of cultural labour markets by Kate Oakley

This is an excellent review of work in the cultural, creative and media industries by Kate Oakley. I am particularly interested in the implications for educators in art, design and media schools.

Writing up a case study

With this paper I’m keen to focus on how best to write up a case study without being too descriptive. I’m going to try to keep it simple and focus on a few key methods used in the module to ensure that I am able to relate these back to the literature. The key methods discussed will be the elevator pitch, the group work and NESTA models and the assignment criteria. Continue reading

LATHE paper

The Teaching and Learning centre at BCU, has just created a new research journal, LATHE, for emerging researchers. This is an opportunity to write a paper and get constructive feedback from our peers within the university and is also a good way to find out about activities across the university.
The deadline for the first journal is the end of the week and I hope to submit a paper tomorrow. The paper discusses entrepreneurship education and my experience teaching post-graduate creative and media students as a case study. I am using it to reflect on my teaching and explore some of the methods used in relation to current debates and theories. I am predominantly referring to the approach developed by the NCGE and by NESTA.

Starting my blog

This is day one of my research and PhD blog. I want to use this space to capture ideas, research and links which relate to Cultural Entrepreneurship, Cultural Policy and Enterprise Education for the Creative Industries.

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