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Post PhD: New Research Topics.


As I am at the final stages of my PhD, I am starting to think about new areas for research. This is particularly important for me, as I want to be research active as a member of the Birmingham Centre for Media, Cultural and Research.

I started to articulate some potential ideas at the end of this blog post. Ideas which have emerged from my PhD research but which explore a narrow aspect of cultural entrepreneurship in the creative industries. I am specifically interested in women who work in the sector and investigating feminist literature such as the work of Rosalind Gill and Angela McRobbie. This has initiated an interest in agency and entrepreneurship and how that relates to female entrepreneurship. I discuss this in a post entitled Girl Power.

What is Entrepreneurship Studies?

I recently attended the Advancing European Tradition of Entrepreneurship Studies conference in Leeds. The key word here is advancing. The conference was useful for my research because it seeks to debate some of the questions raised by Daniel Hjorth & Chris Steyaert in their series of books & workshops New Movements in Entrepreneurship. Continue reading

Social-Constructionism and identity

identity-badgeIn my literature review I explore new movements in entrepreneurship research which has led me to investigate social constructionism. The work of Chell and Karatas-Ozkan in particular but also researchers exploring gender and entrepreneurship have made use of social constructionism. To help me understand the theory I have drawn on the work of Vivien Burr. Continue reading



Dont worry, my research has not led me to become a serial killer. Not yet anyway.

However, I have challenged myself to not lose my cool. To stay focused. And to try to be more disciplined in my professional work, including my research. Thanks partly to @PLongy.

Continue reading

What to Include in my Lit Review?

As I work my way through the literature, it is difficult to know where to stop.

The core elements are fairly clear. In my case, they include an overview of entrepreneurship theory, the cultural policy context and critical debates on cultural work.

It is really easy to feel overwhelmed. Each important contributor to the debate makes reference to so many other authors that I’m not sure what to follow-up or leave. For example, I have been re-reading McRobbie‘s important contribution to the critical debates on cultural entrepreneurship. Her research draws on Sennett and Beck to illustrate the potentially destructive impact of flexible and highly networked modes of work.

To what extent do I need to explore their work? Where do I stop?

My lit review plan


PhD planning & reflection

Undertaking research for a PhD can feel very unstructured. Often, you are left to your own devices for long periods of time – particularly when studying part-time as I do. So having to write reports for the GPC (Graduate Progress Committee) can be really useful. First of all because it gives me a deadline and secondly because it forces to reflect on my achievements to date and plan the next phase.

The last report I wrote was for my MPhil upgrade so I am assessing my progress since then. Here is an overview of my progress, a milestone plan and an assessment of the challenges ahead. Continue reading