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In my last blog post I finished by asking: How is identity created and what are the modes of conduct? How, as a researcher, can this be observed, analysed and interpreted? Still using Du Gay, I shall attempt to explore these questions further. Specifically, I am interested in the implications for developing a methodology to explore cultural entrepreneurs. Continue reading


In his book, Organizing Identity, Paul Du Gay seeks to explore the question: What does a sociology of persons look like? Du Gay explores these issues by focusing on the person’s context such as ‘ the relations, techniques and forms of training and practice through which individuals in particular organizational settings have acquired definite capacities and attributes for existence as particular sorts of person.’ (2007: 13). Continue reading

‘Feeling more professional’

I’d like to explore the questions raised in my last post by reporting on a recent article by Dr Daniel Ashton in the tenth edition of Networks, the magazine of Art Design and Media Subject Centre (ADM-HEA). The questions was: Can we utilise the more critical perspective, dominant in cultural studies and sociology, as a means of generating a critical perspective from our students while simultaneously offering students tools from an entrepreneurial model of practice?

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