What is Entrepreneurship Studies?

I recently attended the Advancing European Tradition of Entrepreneurship Studies conference in Leeds. The key word here is advancing. The conference was useful for my research because it seeks to debate some of the questions raised by Daniel Hjorth & Chris Steyaert in their series of books & workshops New Movements in Entrepreneurship.
The basic issue is this: Entrepreneurship Studies as a scholarly activity is dominated by US approaches which could be defined as the science of entrepreneurship. The ‘scientific’ approach encourages a notion of ‘the entrepreneur’ and tends to focus on high growth business models. In opposition, there is an appetite for exploring entrepreneurship from a broader context and challenging the very notion of ‘the entrepreneur’.

This is achieved by exploring entrepreneurial action rather than the entrepreneur from a sociological perspective as suggested by Tony Watson‘s presentation. It also concerns researchers interested in social entrepreneurship, alternative forms of entrepreneurship such as illegal and/or marginalised communities. Feminists, such as Susan Marlow, are keen to challenge the fixed entrepreneurial identity presented in the literature and through popular media.

This resonates with my interest in investigating cultural workers and their entrepreneurial actions in the context of the cultural in which they work. We talked about the micro, meso and macro levels to contextualie entrepreneurial actions.

During the event I captured some useful (for me)  insights on twitter. Here are my tweets: 

1. #entrepstudies cannot move forward if a few key journals will not publish unconventional research. #powerissue

2. Researchers in #entrepstudies are already contextual using entrepreneurship. More complexity & less generalizations please!

3. #entrepstudies needs to embrace all entrepreneurial action: informal, illegal, marginalized, unethical, feminine, masculine, performed

and also:

Relationality: inter-relatedness of individuals, identities, discourses, artefacts, actions, networks, contexts, structures #entrepstudies



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