Working on my ICCPR 2012 paper and trying to make sense of key themes

I was really pleased when my abstract was accepted for the annual ICCPR conference but now I’ve got to the write the paper! So having written the abstract and done most of my interviews I’m trying to make sense of the material. After a recent conversation with the ProfofPop I have started to visual the core elements of the research to becoming more focused. It works for me as a means of organising my thoughts but also to encourage me to be more creative and flexible. I have found that creativity and an open mind is important to the process of exploring the data and allowing for unusual or unexpected outcomes. Themes and concepts which might not appear in the general literature. As I am not testing an existing hypothesis but observing the lived experience of cultural entrepreneurs, it is important for me to simply see what emerges. I pull this together into a diagram. And I find that pen and paper works much better for me, somehow it is more immediate and I really dont want to grapple with some new software or an ipad app to do this.

So, I have got 3 section split into 3 subsection. 

1. Methodology

2. Context / lit review

3. Findings / themes


So I’ve started to pick out some key themes specifically for this paper. Below, I briefly explore issues relating to identity, the construction of a cultural entrepreneurs identity.

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