Book chapter – Entrepreneurship

The Book Thief

I am writing a chapter for a new book about Media Education. My chapter will be focused on entrepreneurship; approaches to enterprise education and some findings from a research project I did with my students last year. My aim is to offer an overview of where we are at in terms of enterprise education for media and cultural industries students along with some questions for further investigation. It builds upon earlier research I conducted (Carey and Naudin, 2006b), and a recognition that entrepreneurship is increasingly important in media education. Many aspects of entrepreneurship education are familiar to vocational media courses but they have probably not been called ‘entrepreneurship’ before. Having come across a range of enterprise educators working in more generic faculties or departments, I am often surprised that, unknowingly, media and art and design education fits with much of the good practice promoted by organisations such as the NCGE. Unlike business schools, we have always been about the experience of real life practice, working on live projects with industry, getting in guest speakers, team activities and experiential learning. The words ‘enterprise’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ are loaded with meaning and can certainly be off-putting to many media educators. But rather than dismiss these terms, I think they provide us with an opportunity to reflect critically on the nature of the entrepreneurial element within contemporary media practice.

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