I am writing a case study based on aspects of my experience teaching an enterprise module to post graduate students. It will be part of a collaborative paper with Dr Lisa Harris of Southampton University. The focus in this paper is the challenge for universities in preparing students for the changing nature of skills required in the workplace. My case study explores a few methods I have used in class to emulate aspects of the creative and media industries ‘life world’ such as a guest speaker event, during which we made use of various social media tools. In analysing the activities in more depth, I have identified some issues for international students who have found aspects of the module difficult.

I am relatively new to teaching international students so these concerns are new to me but may not be to others. However, in a recent article in the Art, Design and Media Higher Education Academy (ADM-HEA) I came across an article by Silvia Sovic and Margo Blythman which explores precisely the diffculties I was trying to articulate. They identified 3 issues:

  1. Issues of ambiguity in the creative process
  2. Group work and protocols of debate (UK style)
  3. Focus on exploring your own ideas / identity / your practice

We are increasingly expecting to work with diverse groups of students and the challenges this presents, when teaching courses with a focus on personal professional development, does cause some concerns. Is this something which needs further research? To what extent do we need to accomodate the needs of all our students?

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